Dell 14R N4010 drivers for Windows XP 32 bit and Windows 7 32 bit

The 32 bit version of the drivers are unavailable in the official site. You can find it below.

Windows XP complete collection

New Src, updated on 19-12-2012 :

I don’t have a Inspiron 14 R – N4010 right now, so i haven’t tested this new set of drivers, but i hope this would help.

NEW=> Dell_N4010_XP_Full_Set_Drivers.part1.rar

NEW => Dell_N4010_XP_Full_Set_Drivers.part2.rar

Old Src:

Part – 1 ( Link Broken )

Part – 2 ( Link Broken )

Part – 3 ( Link Broken )

Part – 4 ( Link Broken )

Part – 5 ( Link Broken )

Part – 6 ( Link Broken )

Windows 7 – 32 bit drivers









9.Webcam driver ( Link Broken😦 )

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69 responses to “Dell 14R N4010 drivers for Windows XP 32 bit and Windows 7 32 bit”

  1. Lucas says :

    Hi, can you send me the drive of the webcam for win 7 32 bits. Thanks a lot!

  2. ambuj says :

    downloaded the wlan drivers but a pop up windows says that it is not compatible…
    ive tried many times but it simply rejects it
    help me out on this.

  3. sojib says :

    dell n4010 ,Display brightness is unable to control. what should i do?

  4. kn says :

    Where files do i paste those files/driver to???

  5. barath says :

    i’m using windows7 32-bit in DELL 14R N 4010 but wi-fiis not please.

  6. bagus says :

    thank….a alot
    i hope …all drivers..are ready….and usefull

  7. Jonathan Fuentes says :

    driver WIFI not work on windows 7 32bits

  8. salaam says :


  9. sunilbushi says :

    xp drivers are not downloading from rapid share. showing file not found. please help me

  10. victor says :

    gracias espero estos sean

  11. zaquiel says :

    Ate que em fim um site que serve para alguma coisa!
    a maoiria dos site, só quer instalar porcarias no computador do usuario.

  12. ro__ger says :

    gracias hermano!! lo que estaba buscando!!

  13. Guna Raj says :

    Is dell N4010 supporting Windows xp

  14. ankur says :

    which is the best wifi driver for my laptop my laptop name is DELL 14R N 4010

  15. der says :

    thank you so much!!!

  16. JAYB says :

    waiting for web cam drivers

  17. Dengxin says :

    this’s really cool, wondering why the official website doesn’t not offer these

  18. EnojoN says :

    gracias amigo por tu ayuda !! eres lo maximo! =)

  19. Echy69 says :

    Makasi atas bantuan nya bro..🙂

  20. dilip says :

    thanks dear

  21. eurocell says :

    Does it work? or are these files can run on my laptop?

  22. Priya says :

    please send me link for webcam driver

  23. Bibil MC says :

    Thank you

  24. Bibil MC says :

    I just want to know weather these drivers would work on Dell Inspirion 15R N5050 .Please give me a reply.

  25. CHODUMAL says :

    bhai rrae kati nazaare se laa diye tane to…………dhanyawad bahut bahut…!!!!!!

  26. ram says :


  27. sharon says :

    this driver doesnot works when extracting a warning will occur and instalation also

  28. athira says :

    Can u help me with the webcam driver?

  29. Ottobass says :

    Gracias por el aporte… falta el de la web cam😦

  30. DG says :

    webcan driver??????

  31. Mahesh says :

    sir actually the web cam link was not opening please give me advice to download the wab cam drivers dell inspiron 4010

  32. willat says :

    thank u very much ….

  33. Kushal singh says :

    Thank you so much ……it was very helpful….

  34. john says :

    where webcam driver for win 7 32 bit??

  35. shebinlal says :

    thank you very much

  36. Arul says :

    Webcam driver is not working

  37. ANYELO says :


  38. rohit kishore says :

    thanks….a lot….

  39. kishore says :

    what about video drivers????
    how shold i get it????

  40. AlexanderQ says :

    thank you so much mate gonna try it hope it can work well

  41. Foghorn says :

    You are an absolute lifesaver. Thanks!

  42. bamb ganjar says :

    Matur suwuuuuunnnn, this is very helpful

  43. shareth says :

    Its so good to use ……..

  44. Ankur says :


  45. ayesh says :

    thank u very much.this sit very helpful.

  46. SANTHOSH S T says :

    you r the genius buddy best ever i had on my birthday “S T IS UR FAN” THANKS

  47. sub says :

    Thank you so much!!

  48. rohit khare says :


  49. vipul says :

    thank you so much

  50. Dihya says :

    thank you this is very helpful for me, thanks a lot, permission to download

  51. flying says :

    thank you for sharing it.few days ago ,I made my machine re- installed of XP , but, after I had reassembled it,The driver for battery is broken,Display brightness is unable to control.but most of all,the computer run slowly,than ever before.please give me some advice,thank you very much

  52. Southone says :

    So important for me and thank you so much

  53. Agus Hamzah says :

    Terima kasih banyak…. saya sudah mencari ini akhirnya ketemua juga. Mohon izin donlot. Terima Kasih

  54. miki says :

    thank you,thank you, thank you
    this is very helpful

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